Type alias SwapQuoteParam

SwapQuoteParam: {
    aToB: boolean;
    amountSpecifiedIsInput: boolean;
    otherAmountThreshold: BN;
    sqrtPriceLimit: BN;
    tickArrays: TickArray[];
    tokenAmount: BN;
    tokenExtensionCtx: TokenExtensionContextForPool;
    whirlpoolData: WhirlpoolData;

Type declaration

Param: tokenAmount

The amount of input or output token to swap from (depending on amountSpecifiedIsInput).

Param: otherAmountThreshold

The maximum/minimum of input/output token to swap into (depending on amountSpecifiedIsInput).

Param: sqrtPriceLimit

The maximum/minimum price the swap will swap to.

Param: aToB

The direction of the swap. True if swapping from A to B. False if swapping from B to A.

Param: amountSpecifiedIsInput

Specifies the token the parameter amountrepresents. If true, the amount represents the input token of the swap.

Param: tickArrays

An sequential array of tick-array objects in the direction of the trade to swap on

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