Type alias SubTradeRoute

SubTradeRoute: {
    amountIn: BN;
    amountOut: BN;
    hopQuotes: TradeHop[];
    path: Path;
    splitPercent: number;

Represents a fragment of a trade that was splitted into multiple trades for more efficient execution.

Type declaration

  • amountIn: BN
  • amountOut: BN
  • hopQuotes: TradeHop[]
  • path: Path
  • splitPercent: number

Param: path

The path of pool addresses that make up this sub trade.

Param: splitPercent

The percent of the trade that this sub trade represents.

Param: amountIn

The amount of token being traded in within this sub-route.

Param: amountOut

The amount of token being traded out within this sub-routes.

Param: hopQuotes

The quotes for each hop in the path of this trade.

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