Type alias SetRewardAuthorityBySuperAuthorityParams

SetRewardAuthorityBySuperAuthorityParams: {
    newRewardAuthority: PublicKey;
    rewardEmissionsSuperAuthority: PublicKey;
    rewardIndex: number;
    whirlpool: PublicKey;
    whirlpoolsConfig: PublicKey;

Parameters to update the reward authority at a particular rewardIndex on a Whirlpool.

Type declaration

  • newRewardAuthority: PublicKey
  • rewardEmissionsSuperAuthority: PublicKey
  • rewardIndex: number
  • whirlpool: PublicKey
  • whirlpoolsConfig: PublicKey

Param: whirlpool

PublicKey for the whirlpool to update. This whirlpool has to be part of the provided WhirlpoolsConfig space.

Param: whirlpoolsConfig

The public key for the WhirlpoolsConfig this pool is initialized in

Param: rewardIndex

The reward index that we'd like to update. (0 <= index <= NUM_REWARDS).

Param: rewardEmissionsSuperAuthority

The current rewardEmissionsSuperAuthority in the WhirlpoolsConfig

Param: newRewardAuthority

The new rewardAuthority in the Whirlpool at the rewardIndex

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