Type alias SetDefaultProtocolFeeRateParams

SetDefaultProtocolFeeRateParams: {
    defaultProtocolFeeRate: number;
    feeAuthority: PublicKey;
    whirlpoolsConfig: PublicKey;

Parameters to set the default fee rate for a FeeTier.

Type declaration

  • defaultProtocolFeeRate: number
  • feeAuthority: PublicKey
  • whirlpoolsConfig: PublicKey

Param: whirlpoolsConfig

The public key for the WhirlpoolsConfig this pool is initialized in

Param: feeAuthority

Authority authorized in the WhirlpoolsConfig to set default fee rates.

Param: defaultProtocolFeeRate

The new default protocol fee rate for this config. Stored as a basis point of the total fees collected by feeRate.

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