Type alias RouteSelectOptions

RouteSelectOptions: {
    availableAtaAccounts?: AtaAccountInfo[];
    maxSupportedTransactionVersion: "legacy" | number;
    maxTransactionSize: number;
    onRouteEvaluation?: ((route, tx) => void);

Parameters to configure the selection of the best route.

Type declaration

  • Optional availableAtaAccounts?: AtaAccountInfo[]
  • maxSupportedTransactionVersion: "legacy" | number
  • maxTransactionSize: number
  • Optional onRouteEvaluation?: ((route, tx) => void)
      • (route, tx): void
      • Parameters

        Returns void

Param: maxSupportedTransactionVersion

The maximum transaction version that the wallet supports.

Param: maxTransactionSize

The maximum transaction size that the wallet supports.

Param: availableAtaAccounts

A list of ATA accounts that are available in this wallet to use for the swap.

Param: onRouteEvaluation

A callback that is called right before a route is evaluated. Users have a chance to add additional instructions to be added for an accurate txn size measurement. (ex. Adding a priority fee ix to the transaction)

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