Type alias InitializePositionBundleParams

InitializePositionBundleParams: {
    funder: PublicKey;
    owner: PublicKey;
    positionBundleMintKeypair: Keypair;
    positionBundlePda: PDA;
    positionBundleTokenAccount: PublicKey;

Parameters to initialize a PositionBundle account.

Type declaration

  • funder: PublicKey
  • owner: PublicKey
  • positionBundleMintKeypair: Keypair
  • positionBundlePda: PDA
  • positionBundleTokenAccount: PublicKey

Param: owner

PublicKey for the wallet that will host the minted position bundle token.

Param: positionBundlePda

PDA for the derived position bundle address.

Param: positionBundleMintKeypair

Keypair for the mint for the position bundle token.

Param: positionBundleTokenAccount

The associated token address for the position bundle token in the owners wallet.

Param: funder

The account that would fund the creation of this account

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