Type alias InitPoolParams

InitPoolParams: {
    feeTierKey: PublicKey;
    funder: PublicKey;
    initSqrtPrice: BN;
    tickSpacing: number;
    tokenMintA: PublicKey;
    tokenMintB: PublicKey;
    tokenVaultAKeypair: Keypair;
    tokenVaultBKeypair: Keypair;
    whirlpoolPda: PDA;
    whirlpoolsConfig: PublicKey;

Parameters to initialize a Whirlpool account.

Type declaration

  • feeTierKey: PublicKey
  • funder: PublicKey
  • initSqrtPrice: BN
  • tickSpacing: number
  • tokenMintA: PublicKey
  • tokenMintB: PublicKey
  • tokenVaultAKeypair: Keypair
  • tokenVaultBKeypair: Keypair
  • whirlpoolPda: PDA
  • whirlpoolsConfig: PublicKey

Param: initSqrtPrice

The desired initial sqrt-price for this pool

Param: whirlpoolsConfig

The public key for the WhirlpoolsConfig this pool is initialized in

Param: whirlpoolPda

PDA for the whirlpool account that would be initialized

Param: tokenMintA

Mint public key for token A

Param: tokenMintB

Mint public key for token B

Param: tokenVaultAKeypair

Keypair of the token A vault for this pool

Param: tokenVaultBKeypair

Keypair of the token B vault for this pool

Param: feeTierKey

PublicKey of the fee-tier account that this pool would use for the fee-rate

Param: tickSpacing

The desired tick spacing for this pool.

Param: funder

The account that would fund the creation of this account

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