Type alias CollectRewardParams

CollectRewardParams: {
    position: PublicKey;
    positionAuthority: PublicKey;
    positionTokenAccount: PublicKey;
    rewardIndex: number;
    rewardOwnerAccount: PublicKey;
    rewardVault: PublicKey;
    whirlpool: PublicKey;

Parameters to collect rewards from a reward index in a position.

Type declaration

  • position: PublicKey
  • positionAuthority: PublicKey
  • positionTokenAccount: PublicKey
  • rewardIndex: number
  • rewardOwnerAccount: PublicKey
  • rewardVault: PublicKey
  • whirlpool: PublicKey

Param: whirlpool

PublicKey for the whirlpool that the position will be opened for.

Param: position

PublicKey for the position will be opened for.

Param: positionTokenAccount

PublicKey for the position token's associated token address.

Param: rewardIndex

The reward index that we'd like to initialize. (0 <= index <= NUM_REWARDS).

Param: rewardOwnerAccount

PublicKey for the reward token account that the reward will deposit into.

Param: rewardVault

PublicKey of the vault account that reward will be withdrawn from.

Param: positionAuthority

authority that owns the token corresponding to this desired position.

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