Type alias CollectAllParams

CollectAllParams: {
    payer?: PublicKey;
    positionAuthority?: PublicKey;
    positionOwner?: PublicKey;
    receiver?: PublicKey;

Type declaration

  • Optional payer?: PublicKey
  • Optional positionAuthority?: PublicKey
  • Optional positionOwner?: PublicKey
  • Optional receiver?: PublicKey

Param: receiver

The destination wallet that collected fees & reward will be sent to. Defaults to ctx.wallet key.

Param: positionOwner

The wallet key that contains the position token. Defaults to ctx.wallet key.

Param: positionAuthority

The authority key that can authorize operation on the position. Defaults to ctx.wallet key.

Param: payer

The key that will pay for the initialization of ATA token accounts. Defaults to ctx.wallet key.

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