Type alias ClosePositionParams

ClosePositionParams: {
    position: PublicKey;
    positionAuthority: PublicKey;
    positionMint: PublicKey;
    positionTokenAccount: PublicKey;
    receiver: PublicKey;

Parameters to close a position in a Whirlpool.

Type declaration

  • position: PublicKey
  • positionAuthority: PublicKey
  • positionMint: PublicKey
  • positionTokenAccount: PublicKey
  • receiver: PublicKey

Param: receiver

PublicKey for the wallet that will receive the rented lamports.

Param: position

PublicKey for the position.

Param: positionMint

PublicKey for the mint token for the Position token.

Param: positionTokenAccount

The associated token address for the position token in the owners wallet.

Param: positionAuthority

Authority that owns the position token.

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