Whirpools is an open-source concentrated liquidity AMM contract on the Solana blockchain. The Whirlpools Typescript SDK (@orca-so/whirlpools-sdk) allows for easy interaction with a deployed Whirlpools program.

The contract has been audited by Kudelski and Neodyme.

Whirlpool SDK

Use the SDK to interact with a deployed Whirlpools program via Typescript.


In your package, run:

yarn add "@orca-so/whirlpools-sdk"
yarn add "@orca-so/common-sdk"
yarn add "@coral-xyz/anchor@0.29.0"
yarn add "@solana/web3.js"
yarn add "@solana/spl-token"
yarn add "decimal.js"


Read instructions on how to use the SDK on the Orca Developer Portal.


To run tests for the SDK, setup your anchor environment and run:

anchor test


Apache 2.0

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