Function swapQuoteByOutputToken

  • Get an estimated swap quote using an output token amount.

    Use this quote to get an estimated amount of input token needed to receive the defined output token amount.


    • whirlpool: Whirlpool

      Whirlpool to perform the swap on

    • outputTokenMint: Address

      PublicKey for the output token mint to swap into

    • tokenAmount: BN

      The maximum amount of output token to receive in this swap.

    • slippageTolerance: Percentage

      The amount of slippage to account for in this quote

    • programId: Address

      PublicKey for the Whirlpool ProgramId

    • fetcher: WhirlpoolAccountFetcherInterface
    • Optional opts: SimpleAccountFetchOptions

      an WhirlpoolAccountFetchOptions object to define fetch and cache options when accessing on-chain accounts

    Returns Promise<SwapQuote>

    a SwapQuote object with slippage adjusted SwapInput parameters & estimates on token amounts, fee & end whirlpool states.

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