Function increaseLiquidityQuoteByInputTokenUsingPriceSlippage

  • Get an estimated quote on the maximum tokens required to deposit based on a specified input token amount. This new version calculates slippage based on price percentage movement, rather than setting the percentage threshold based on token estimates.


    • inputTokenMint: Address

      The mint of the input token the user would like to deposit.

    • inputTokenAmount: Decimal

      The amount of input tokens to deposit.

    • tickLower: number

      The lower index of the position that we are depositing into.

    • tickUpper: number

      The upper index of the position that we are depositing into.

    • slippageTolerance: Percentage

      The maximum slippage allowed when calculating the minimum tokens received.

    • whirlpool: Whirlpool

      A Whirlpool helper class to help interact with the Whirlpool account.

    • tokenExtensionCtx: TokenExtensionContextForPool

    Returns IncreaseLiquidityQuote

    An IncreaseLiquidityInput object detailing the required token amounts & liquidity values to use when calling increase-liquidity-ix.

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